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At Gaynor Grozier Health, we offer a range of holistic services designed to nurture your mind, body, and soul. Explore the transformative power of:

Holistic Healing at its Best

Our services go beyond treatments, serving as holistic pathways to your well-being. We focus on prevention as well as healing, enhancing your overall health long-term. Experience the transformative power of our holistic approach, addressing physical, mental, and spiritual aspects. Begin your journey towards balance, mindfulness, and empowerment today.


holistic. adjective.

ho·​lis·​tic hō-ˈlis-tik.

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” expresses the essence of holism. Holistic healing is an important concept in the sciences and social sciences, and especially in medicine. Holistic medicine tries to treat the “whole person” rather than focusing too narrowly on single symptoms. It emphasises the connections between the mind and the body and avoids the overuse of drugs.

Take Control of Your Health

Take a proactive approach to your wellbeing with our comprehensive health tests. We offer tests for female hormones and fertility, male hormones and balance, as well as vitamins & nutrients (B12, D, Magnesium) to ensure your body gets what it needs.

Nourish Your Body

Discover a wealth of resources to support your journey to wellbeing. 
Our Remedies & Nutrition resources include nutritional guides, health coaching services, recipes, and links to vitamins & nutrients testing to help you make mindful choices for a vibrant life.

Resource for You

We are committed to empowering you on your health journey. Explore our collection of resources, including articles, videos, and insights that provide thought-provoking wisdom and valuable guidance for holistic wellbeing.

Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson
Gaynor treated me last Thursday for a bad neck that I had been suffering with for the last 8 months, I have previously had physiotherapy which provided some very short term relief. My doctors diagnosis after an x-ray was that it was the onset of spondylosis and should be managed with pain killers. After my first visit to Gaynor my neck already feels better than it did. Gaynor is a lovely professional lady who is totally caring and explains everything fully in an understandable manner. I am looking forward to my follow up visits and further improvements.
Sue Palk
Sue Palk
I have been struggling with Fybromyalgia for a number of years & decided to give acupuncture a try. I am so glad I chose Gaynor for my treatment, she is very professional, passionate and understanding. The treatment has made a big difference with reducing pain & inflammation as well as giving me more energy. I have no hesitation in recommending Gaynor she is a pleasure to work with. u dersta
Anthony Jefferies
Anthony Jefferies
This was the first time I met Gaynor she was brilliant I'm really glad I went I'm going for another appointment my shoulder has been hurting for a while it was really hurting when I went to see Gaynor but she really helped it took a lot of pain off me I would recommend Gaynor to anyone she really puts you at ease, I've been for a second appointment my shoulder is brilliant I would like to thank Gaynor it's a massive improvement, I had to go & see Gaynor for my other shoulder for the same thing she really is the best if you have any problems with any pain book in with her you won't be disappointed
Lisa Smith
Lisa Smith
Gaynor is professional with a wealth of knowledge. A warm and welcoming experience, felt very relaxed. I went to Gaynor with symptoms of the menopause, predominantly headaches. Amazing results. Highly recommended.
Julie Penson
Julie Penson
With conventional medicine offering me very little, I decided to give acupuncture a try. Gaynor was completely professional, taking a full history before commencing treatment. Appointments are not rushed and you are are completely at ease. I found the whole process painless and really relaxing. I don’t claim to understand how it works but in the two areas I was experiencing pain I am now pain free. The number of appointments will depend upon your individual condition and response to treatment. Having had a course of treatment I have already booked a maintenance session to keep on top of things. I would highly recommend.
Jade Collier
Jade Collier
I've been having Acupuncture with this lovely lady for a few months now to tackle quite complex issues brought about by Long Covid. Symptoms include: incredibly debilitating fatigue, migraines and brain fog. Gaynor has also treated anxiety and IBS in my sessions. I've gone from being significantly disabled to (I'm elated to say) commencing a phased return back to work today. The migraines have all but disappeared, the fatigue is lifting and I feel so much more positive about the future. Also to add, for someone with anxiety and a dislike for needles, I have to say that the sessions have always been painless and relaxing! I've loved my chats with Gaynor as well, she is so knowledgeable and passionate about what she does, it's been a pleasure to have been treated by her, so thank you Gaynor for giving me hope in getting my life back on are amazing...I can't recommend you enough! 🙏💜
Nabila Shani
Nabila Shani
I have just finished treatment for my arm. Gaynor has a wealth of experience and is able to explain how the treatment will work. You are made to feel relaxed and any anxiety soon disappears. I would highly recommend Gaynor Grozier to anyone who is looking to have acupuncture I wish her all the best.
Chris Cope
Chris Cope
At the age of 70 I have been suffering with a degenerative prolapsed disk which gives me agonising pain in my lower back with unbearable hip and sciatica pain down my legs and into my ankles and feet, I also suffer with arthritis in my shoulder. Sleepless nights have been a constant bug bear due to the amount of constant pain. I decided to try some private Acupuncture treatment with Gaynor Crozier Acupuncture and to my delight all my pain has disappeared, it has been well worth the 30 mile journey from Cannock to Newcastle-under-Lyme to receive some very effective, professional pain relief! Many thanks Gaynor!
joe coates
joe coates
I have recently finished a course of treatment for sciatica with Gaynor Gozier. I'd had the pain for over 6 months and tried every other form of treatment. I was managing (if that is the word) through taking prescribed strong pain killers. Even so, I had to work standing up and try to sleep while propped up on pillows. Someone told me that they had good results from acupuncture. Although very sceptical, I contacted Gaynor and I'm so grateful that i did. Gaynor was totally up front about the treatment - that it was unlikely to be a quick fix. However within a couple or so visits, i was reducing the pain killers and I was soon off them competely. The treatment was delivered in a highly professional and caring way, and Gaynor explained everything in an understanable manner. For me Gaynor's treatment was a life changer and, while I appreciate it may not be for everyone, I highly recommend giving Gaynor a try when struggling with pain.
Thanks very much! Had 3 sessions for a trapped nerve in my neck! It has made a massive improvement.It has taken the tingling out of my fingers and stopped the pain.I would highly recommend.Thanks so much Rich

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