The wonders of acupuncture

Acupuncture is rooted in thousands of years of history that originated in China, backed by evidenced based research it is favoured to treat a wide range of conditions.

There is nothing more satisfying than watching someone’s health improve through acupuncture therapies and practices. Get in touch with me today, to see how I can help you find the freedom you are looking for.


Acupuncture boosts Female and Male reproductive systems naturally or alongside assisted reproductive techniques, such as IVF.


Acupuncture can provide relief from physical pain, reduce inflammation and improve stiffness making you more mobile and active again.


A private and confidential setting provides the basis for a treatment when receiving acupuncture to support you when things feel unmanageable.

Acupuncture is growing in popularity

More people are choosing acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine as
their preferred treatment option

What our clients say about us

  • I visited Gaynor as I had lower back pain due to a muscle spasm. I was in a lot of pain and found sitting and lying down incredibly painful. Gaynor got to the root of my problem and after only 3 sessions my back pain eased and I was able to move around fully as normal. I would not hesitate to go back and use her services again.

  • During my pregnancy I developed a UTI to the point where I may have delivered my baby early if the antibiotics didn’t work, this was the second lot of antibiotics I had been given. Again I turned to acupuncture which was the best relief I had received, I was able to use the toilet with ease, my energy improved and the UTI did go, it was the best I had felt.

  • I had excruciating pain in the chest. I thought it was something very serious and was sent to hospital for check-up. I was told it was anxiety, most likely due to me being pregnant. I had acupuncture and felt instant relief. I continued with my acupuncture treatments throughout my pregnancy to help keep my hormones balanced and really believe this got me through.

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