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Discover the power of acupuncture, a practice steeped in thousands of years of rich history, born from the profound depths of Chinese traditions. Today, its effectiveness is not just anecdotal. Modern, evidence-based research affirms its capacity to address a spectrum of health concerns.
Our journey together is more than just a treatment – it’s a partnership dedicated to your well-being. Witness firsthand the transformative potential of acupuncture therapies, as we unveil your path to rejuvenated health and vitality.
Let’s embark on a wellness journey together, charting a course toward your healthiest self.
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Acupuncture is growing in popularity

Many people are choosing acupuncture and natural medicine to optimise their health
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What our clients say about us

  • I visited Gaynor as I had lower back pain due to a muscle spasm. I was in a lot of pain and found sitting and lying down incredibly painful. Gaynor got to the root of my problem and after only 3 sessions my back pain eased and I was able to move around fully as normal. I would not hesitate to go back and use her services again.

  • During my pregnancy I developed a UTI to the point where I may have delivered my baby early if the antibiotics didn’t work, this was the second lot of antibiotics I had been given. Again I turned to acupuncture which was the best relief I had received, I was able to use the toilet with ease, my energy improved and the UTI did go, it was the best I had felt.

  • I had excruciating pain in the chest. I thought it was something very serious and was sent to hospital for check-up. I was told it was anxiety, most likely due to me being pregnant. I had acupuncture and felt instant relief. I continued with my acupuncture treatments throughout my pregnancy to help keep my hormones balanced and really believe this got me through.

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    Gaynor Grozier

    Clinic Director
    Gaynor was destined to work in the health sector, as she has always had a strong interest in healthcare which was born out of personal and family experience…

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