Blood building bone broth

Nov 17, 2018

Home made bone broth is incredibly healthy, inexpensive and tastes delicious. The broth is full of nutrients I recommend everyone adds bone broth to their diet.

It’s great for:

Maintaining healthy skin

Supporting your immune system

Boosting detoxification and nutrients absorption


6 pieces of bone marrow (I purchased mine from Fordhall Farm as their animals are left to pasture (grass-fed))1 chicken carcus2 onionsbay leafA pinch of salt


I use a slow cooker but a large pot on the cooker will also work well.

  • Roughly chop onions place in the pot with all other ingredients and pour over filtered water.
  • Allow to simmer for 12 hours, pour into jug and there you have your bone broth

Once decanted I add more water to the bones and again simmer for a further 12 hours, I repeat the process until the broth is very weak.Think about how you want to use your broth – I’ll be freezing mine into small container and using it as a stock for gravy, sauces or soups.


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