Boost Your Immune System With the Wonders of Natural Remedies

Boost Your Immune System With the Wonders of Natural Remedies

At Gaynor Grozier Clinic, my vision is to create a world where nature is at the forefront of everyone’s mind and people live a balanced and harmonious life. I love to educate, inspire, and motivate people to improve, promote and maintain all aspects of health and prevent future disease.  

For years, people have turned to natural remedies to fight common colds, upset stomachs, headaches and more and the majority of these remedies use ingredients commonly already found in modern households. The majority of these natural remedies presented today are based on ancient remedies and practices rooted from thousands of years. They are ideal for a quick little at-home treatment, and alongside my acupuncture therapies, will keep your body and immune system healthy 

After the past two years, it is more vital than ever to keep your immune system strong and as winter fast approaches, I thought I would share some natural healing remedies to boost and support your immune system.  


  • Garlic – a warming herb and powerful immune booster. If you’re brave enough – the best way to benefit from its healing properties is to take it raw. 
  • Ginger – Add a couple of slices to boiling water for a tea. 
  • Honey – To soothe a cough or sore throat. 


This recipe is your first defence when you feel symptoms starting or as soon as you have that scratchy throat feeling; drinking this immune boosting natural healing remedy will serve you well. 

  • 1x piece of ginger as big as your thumb 
  • 1x cinnamon stick 
  • 2x cloves of garlic 
  • A bunch of spring onions (white head only) 
  • 2x cups water 

Boil all the ingredients and reduce it down to one cup, then blend and drink. Wrap yourself up and take to your bed. If you wait even one day, it will be too late. Remember that in rare circumstances, flu like symptoms can lead to more severe infections such as pneumonia, so make sure you drink lots of fluids and rest. 


Soups are a quick and easy way to ensure that you are consuming rich ingredients to help support a healthy immune system. 

Take the below ingredients and cook together to create a simple and delicious soup for the whole family: 

  • Sweet potatoes 
  • Two cloves of garlic 
  • A bunch of spring onions 
  • A handful of rosemary 
  • A handful of parsley 

Other ingredients that have a tonification action and contribute to a strong immune function are: 

Basil, Chestnut, Chia seed, Cinnamon Bark, Clove, Dill Seed, Dried ginger, Nutmeg, Kidney, Lamb, Quinoa, Rosemary, sage, Star anise, Thyme, Trout, Venison, Walnut 

Acupuncture is great to boost the immune system and those attending clinic are receiving treatments that are doing just that. 


Homemade bone broth is incredibly healthy, inexpensive and tastes delicious. The broth is full of nutrients I recommend everyone adds bone broth to their diet. 

It’s great for: 

  • Maintaining healthy skin 
  • Supporting your immune system 
  • Boosting detoxification and nutrients absorption 


  • 6 x pieces of bone marrow (I purchase mine from Fordhall Farm as their animals are left to pasture (grass-fed))  
  • 1 x chicken carcus 
  • 2 x onions 
  • 1 x bay leaf 
  • A pinch of salt 

I use a slow cooker but a large pot on the cooker will also work well. Roughly chop onions place in the pot with all other ingredients and pour over filtered water. Allow to simmer for 12 hours, pour into jug and there you have your bone broth. Once decanted I add more water to the bones and again simmer for a further 12 hours, I repeat the process until the broth is very weak.  

Think about how you want to use your broth – I’ll be freezing mine into small container and using it as a stock for gravy, sauces, or soups. 

All these natural healing recipes will keep your immune boosted all throughout winter and will compliment your acupuncture treatments wonderfully! So, make sure you’re wrapping up warm, drinking lots of warm fluids, washing your hands regularly and trying all these natural remedies, to keep any pesky bugs at bay.  

Don’t hesitate to get in touch here to book your acupuncture treatment for the winter, so that I can help you support and keep your immune system strong.  

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