Terms of Engagement

Your appointment in important and held just for you. We appreciate that, from time to time, events crop up that means you have to adjust your diary.  

There is a 48-hour cancellation policy in place at the clinic. A late cancellation missed visit or rescheduled appointment creates space in a practitioners’ diary that could have been used by another client. Therefore 48 hours’ notice is required to cancel or reschedule an appointment.  

In the event of a missed, cancelled, or rescheduled appointment with less than 48 hours’ notice a charge to the value of the appointment will be made. 

Whilst it is your responsibility to remember your appointment dates and times, to help you, it is advised that you set your appointment reminders at the time of booking your appointment or creating your account.

Appointment notifications:

To help you, you will receive a booking confirmation at the time of booking an appointment and as a courtesy, you will receive a reminder by email and then by text. You will also receive a reminder 48 hours before your scheduled appointment.

Arriving late

Should you find that you are running a little late for whatever reason, don’t worry, a treatment is still possible. However, if more than 15 minutes has lapsed then continuing with treatment will be at the discretion of the practitioner. 

If the practitioner is not available to carry out a treatment due to late arrival, your appointment will be deemed as missed and a cancellation fee will be charged to the value of your missed appointment.

As a matter of courtesy, we will call you 10 minutes into your treatment time to see if you are ok.

Did not attend!

It is appreciated that unavoidable events arise from time to time, however the clinic often generates a wait list, and it is important that everyone benefits from having time with a physician. If you occupy an appointment slot and do not attend, you will be charged the full value of the scheduled appointment.


Sickness is often unavoidable and can take us by surprise. The age-old Chinese medicine, Acupuncture is well known for providing symptom relief and my clients regularly report feeling much better after their treatment than when they first arrived.  Therefore, charges will apply for late rescheduled, cancelled or missed appointments in the event of sickness.

Payment in advance

Where you have made a payment in advance for a course of treatment or have purchased a package and have not been able to keep to the terms of the engagement, i.e. arrived, late, did not attend, or in the event of sickness and 48 hours’ notice of your wish to cancel, amend or reschedule your appointment has not been received, your appointment will be treated as taken and a reimbursement or reschedule of an individual appointment will not be possible.


All packages have a validity date and are not open ended. It is your responsibility to ensure that appointments are booked. Booking in advance is advisable to ensure you have VIP appointments and your treatment plan is not interrupted. Where you are not able to see appointment availability in advance do contact the clinic who will be happy to help you. 

If after purchasing a package, you are not able to continue with your treatment plan and your treatment has started, appointments attended will revert to the value of single appointments, in such case this includes a first consultation and individual follow up appointments, a refund of the remainder of the package will be processed upon request.

Notification to cancel full or partial package must be received in writing to email address gaynor@gaynorgrozieracupuncture.com, no later than 48 hours before next appointment scheduled. 

If in the event you have purchased a package and your curent circumstances are preventing you from starting your treatment plan, a full refund will be possible less an administration charge of £20.00.

Referral process

We like to reward those who refer us to their friends and family, we offer a whopping 50% off your next appointment as a thank you for your referral.  

When your referree books their first consultation or purchases a package, all they have to do is enter your name into the booking system, attend their first consultation and you will automatically receive 50% off your next follow up appointment.

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