How to Get Rid of a Cold Quick and Stay Well Naturally

How to Get Rid of a Cold Quick and Stay Well Naturally

A shift from warm to cold weather means you are more susceptible to flu like symptoms. According to the BBC, H3N2, one of the strains circulating this year, has been dubbed ‘Aussie flu’ because it’s recently caused big problems in Australia.People with long-term medical conditions, low immune system and those over 65 or pregnant are particularly at risk during this time of the year.Advice remains that It’s more important than ever to make sure you are washing your hands regularly and throwing away used tissues to help stop the flu from spreading.You may be wondering what more you can do to put up your best defence again these pesky bugs! Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that every ingredient we consume relates to a specific function in our bodies.I’ve been sharing some great recipes over on my Facebook and Twitter pages, to keep your immune system boosted. Follow me for regular updates!I also recommend these herbs:

  • Garlic – a warming herb and powerful immune booster. If you’re brave enough – the best way to benefit from its healing properties is to take it raw.
  • Ginger – Add a couple of slices to boiling water for a tea.
  • Honey – To soothe a cough or sore throat.


  • 1x piece of ginger as big as your thumb
  • 1x cinnamon stick
  • 2x cloves of garlic
  • A bunch spring onions (white head only)
  • 2x cups water

Boil all the ingredients and reduce it down to one cup, then blend and drink. Wrap yourself up and take to your bed. This recipe is your first defence when you feel symptoms starting or as soon as you have that scratchy throat feeling; drinking this immune boosting natural healing remedy will serve you well. If you wait even one day it will be too late.Remember that in rare circumstances, flu like symptoms can lead to more severe infections such as pneumonia, so make sure you drink lots of fluids and rest.

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