My 6 Top Tips for Relieving Leg Pain

Gaynor Grozier Acupuncture's 6 Top Tips for Relieving Leg Pain.

Leg pain occurs for many reasons whether from sport injuries, stress from exercising, pulled muscles or even weight bearing, symptoms of which can vary from pins & needles, tingling, numbness, cramping, dull-ache to sharp stabbing pain.

Symptoms can affect many aspects of life, from not being able to work, partake in daily exercise, emotions and even sleep.

Painkillers may provide some short-term relief but the reality is that remedial work is often needed in order to get to restore the mechanical structure and get you functioning again.

We have a responsibility to maintain good health and that responsibility means that we should take good care of ourselves to enable us to live a long and happy life, free from pain killers that our digestive systems must process.

Listen to your body

Rest your legs when your body tells you too but movement is also required to prevent stiffness, the trick is not to over do it and find the right balance for yourself.

Elevating your legs may help release pressure but movement encourages blood flow preventing you from stiffening up.

Consider when to use ice

Ice is great in the short term, it helps bring out bruising and inflammation, it may also numb the area, providing some short-term relief.

….heat on the other hand.

Will move your blood, this helps at a cellular level which encourages repair to your tissues, so do consider taking a warm bath or applying a heat pad or hot water bottle to the affected area.


Gentle movement in the form of exercises provided by your healthcare physician may help relieve tension within the muscular system. 


Tai Chi, Qi Gong and yoga are some suggestions that move your energy, nourish blood and help stretch and ease muscle tension.

What pain killers can do for you…

When taking pain killers, one of three things may occur, either nothing and the pain doesn’t resolve, we get some relief but need to keep taking the tablets, or the pain seems to disappear completely (although generally it manifests elsewhere in the body).  The fact is that pain killers are designed to provide some relief, what the doctors don’t tell you is that remedial is often still required.  On top of that painkillers have to be processed through the digestive system often causing dysbiosis, worry not a good probiotic will help restore your gut PH balance.

Why should I consider acupuncture over any other remedial work?

Acupuncture is designed to consider the whole body, it get’s to the route of the problem and takes the whole body into consideration.  It is medicine-free approach and there are no unwarranted side effects. Pain relief is an area I have in-depth knowledge and experience in.

Acupuncture can provide relief from pain as well as reduce inflammation, move blood stagnation that are often causing blockages as well as improve stiffness making you more mobile and active again. Acupuncture helps by releasing the body’s own natural endorphins to activate the body’s opiate receptors creating an analgesic effect.

Whilst acupuncture treatment is focused on your immediate concern, other issues may resolve as well and you may experience an increase in your energy or improved sleep, a reduction in headaches and better bowel movements.

There is no, one size fits all, at Gaynor Grozier Clinic, every client receives a highly individualised treatment plan, which may also include TuiNa massage, Cupping or Gua Sha.

Get in touch.

If you’re looking to resolve your problem and you’re suffering from leg pain or any other type of pain for that matter and would like to get back to work or doing the things you enjoy most then please get in touch for a free confidential consultation by clicking the link here.

There is nothing more satisfying than seeing someone’s health journey improve through my therapies and treatments, I can’t wait to help you find the freedom you’re looking for. 

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