Acupuncture for Menopause

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Acupuncture for menopausal symptoms should be considered if you are experiencing hot flushes, sleep issues, mood swings and joint pain. Acupuncture benefits for menopause. A small 2019 study found that 5 weeks of acupuncture reduced hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, and sleep disruptions in women experiencing menopause symptoms.Acupuncture for hormone balance is designed to reset hormone levels and ease menopausal symptoms.There are several symptoms of menopause that acupuncture may help with, including:

This Package Includes

  • Case History
  • Organ assessment
  • Pulse and tongue diagnosis
  • Nutrition & lifestyle advice
  • Priority appointments
  • VIP membership, Personalised account
  • Recommended tests, i.e hormone, stool analysis.
  • 6 weekly priority appointments with your first 90 minute consultation (normal value £90.00) delivered at half the original cost and yours for £45.00, making the total value of this wellness package £345.00.  

Next Steps

Once you have made your purchase, you will receive a confirmation notification, which will contain a package code together with the expiry date.

The next step is to book an appointment.

At the time you are making an appointment, you will need to enter the code you have received when you purchased your package.  For ease, you may wish to consider booking all your appointments at the same time.

You are also invited to create your very own personal account.  This entitles you to:

  • VIP appointments (subject to availability)
  • Rearrange your appointments as needed.
  • Upload test results, copy of prescriptions, scan results, GP diagnosis.

Throughout your course of treatment, we will be in regular contact.

  • You will receive timely reminders of your scheduled appointment.
  • Information on how to prepare for your treatment in advance of your appointment, to ensure you maximise your time with your physician..
  • You will receive aftercare guidance following your treatment, and of course the line is always open should you wish to discuss your treatment.

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