Productivity Package


  • Package Description

    Our Acupuncture for health productivity package has been designed as a monthly programme to help those wanting to maintain positive health and live life to the fullest.

    If your daily movement is repetitive, heavy lifting, physically exerting and you’re in the construction industry, landscaping industry or you’re often working in tight spaces or in load bearing conditions you will hugely benefit from regular acupuncture therapy to maintain your health and wellness.

    Altnernatively you will appreciate the importance of regular health maintenance and maintaining optimal balance to prevent future disharmonies.

  • Package Includes

    • 12 x Monthly Treatments
      • Anatomical Assessment
      • Gait Analysis
    • Priority Appointment Selection, (Added package benefit), advance booking required
    • Personalised VIP Account (Added package benefit)
  • What to expect

    During your course of treatment we will review your current heatlh status, physically, emotionally or spirtually.

    Treatment may include-

    Tongue and pulse diagnosis



    Gua Sha


    Korean hand therapy

    Nutrition support

    Lifestyle advice



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