Planting the Seed – Ear Seeds & Their Benefits

Planting the Seed- Ear Seeds & Their Benefits


Client Information:

Name: Lyndsey Mitchell

Gender: Female

Age: 27

Symptoms: Stress

Treatment: Acupuncture seeds

Our client started her journey feeling stressed and showing signs of anxiety.

“Whilst juggling a busy work and home life with a little one, I felt under lots of pressure and there were many days where I would feel very stressed and sometimes anxious about the smallest of things.

For the first part we decided to insert one acupuncture seed into her right ear. The seeds are delicately placed on specific acupuncture points in the ear and covered with a small plaster to hold them in place.

“The seed was very discreet and once inserted, I completely forgot that it was there!”

After around three days with the seed, she noticed that it was no longer in her ear and had fallen out during the night onto the floor. We decided to try a new seed in the other ear to see if this would make a difference.

“I had the second seed in for a whole week and throughout this time I felt calmer and more positive.”

The more seeds used, the more effective they are likely to be. Thanks to a positive few days, we decided to remove the seed in the left ear and this time try a new one in both.

“During my time with the acupuncture seeds I felt much more relaxed and found that they supported me to find a balance between tasks. I honestly believe that I was more productive with the seeds than without and was more positive and happier about life in general!

“I would recommend trying an acupuncture seed as they are not intrusive in any way and for such a small object, can have a large impact on your wellbeing.”

Acupuncture seeds can also be used to promote relaxation whilst supporting clients with their fertility journey, either naturally or alongside assisted techniques.

Other conditions where acupuncture seeds can help, include:

  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Addictions
  • Pain
  • Low libido
  • Migraine and headaches
  • Weight loss
  • Other

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