Prepare for an unforgettable year!

Starting the new year on the right foot! Set your intentions!

Saying goodbye to one year and Hello to another can be emotionally turbulent for some and enlightening for others, so let us prepare for an unforgettable year. Starting the new year on the right foot! Set your intentions!

It is a time when we reflect on our experiences of the past 12 months, we evaluate our current position in life, health, relationships, experiences, friends, family, and finances to name a few.

Every experience, good or bad has occurred to grow and develop us emotionally and spiritually, it is a test of strength and focus. The amount of strength required to process an emotion is individual.

Emotions come in all shapes and sizes, and we all cope differently. Sometimes we are challenged, sometimes an experience blows over faster than it arrives.

Our endeavour?… To ride the tide!

How you ‘ride the tide’ is entirely your choice. Every emotion must be processed; the alternative is to delay your emotional growth. Emotions that have not been processed have a tendency to either resurface at a later date or turn into physical pain or both.

There is often a tendency to be typically British, ‘stiff upper lip,’ ‘man up,’ this is the opposite of good health. Processing and releasing emotion are a good thing, it provides relief, without relief negative feelings become harboured and may build until they overspill, a bit like when a bottle of fizzy pop has been shaken, unscrewing the lid relieves the pressure, the explosion then follows. Why wait for the explosion. Processing emotions is one example of what is meant by ‘making things easier for ourselves,’ don’t wait for pressure to build.

Hear are a few steps that can help ‘ride the tide.’

  1. Symbology is powerful and an amazing tool to realise manifestation. Start the new year on the right foot. This New Year’s Eve, as well as raising a glass when the clock strikes twelve, why not raise your left leg…. Start the new year on the right foot!
  2. Talking to someone helps, whether a stranger at the bus stop, a friend or family member, a therapist, releasing thoughts and getting emotion off your chest can make you feel lighter. We have
  3. all done it, had a chat, put the world to rights and felt better for it.
  4. Exercise is great to get the heart pumping and blood circulating, it moves stagnant energy, it is transformative, have you ever noticed that tension headache disappear after a brisk walk?
  5. Write your thoughts down on paper, this can help with perspective.
  6. List your desires – meditating, focusing can help manifest and realise your heart’s desire.

You would be surprised how energy transforms with the right guidance, discipline, and focus.

Learn how to transform your energy, so that you can enjoy the ride of the tide, take control today, working with a transformational and health coach such as Acupuncturist Gaynor Grozier to improve your health, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

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