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Acupuncture supports Natural Conception for both men and women

So you want to start a family? 

You’re about to embark on one of the most amazing journeys of your lifetime and it is proven that Acupuncture can help nurture your opportunity to starting a family.

If you are trying to conceive naturally and want to boost your chance of conception, Acupuncture can be supportive at the beginning as well as any stage of your journey. Choosing a holistic approach to fertility focuses on mind, body, and spirit, bringing about a natural state of balance, promoting good health, maximising your chance of becoming parents.

Acupuncture helps the regulating of fertility hormones and can increase blood flow to the reproductive organs. Acupuncture regulates ovulation and menstrual cycles in female fertility and helps male fertility by improving the health of sperm, count and motility

Not only is Acupuncture beneficial for couples who are wanting to start a family, it also helps prepare couples who are considering using assisted techniques.  It can also work for single women who are planning and wish to freeze their eggs; acupuncture will help stimulate the ovaries to produce as many follicles as possible.

Whatever your fertility journey, there are many motivations to choose Acupuncture therapy as part of your fertility plan and we would be delighted to help you explore all the possibilities.

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Why Acupuncture with Gaynor Grozier?

At Gaynor Grozier Acupuncture you’re sure of a very warm welcome as well as a tranquil and relaxing environment with which to explore your health and wellbeing therapies and treatments. Gaynor is a degree trained acupuncturist with a wealth of knowledge and experience to support her passion in restoring health and balance to the human body.

Gaynor’s specialities include Acupuncture for male and female fertility during natural conception or assisted techniques, she has proven Acupuncture as a positive therapy for successfully starting a family on many occasions by tailoring each journey to the individual client needs. 

Pain relief is another area of in-depth knowledge and experience for Gaynor. Often pain is treated through medication and building a barrier without identifying the root cause. Gaynor applies a holistic approach to finding the cause of the pain and applying the therapy best to treat it. That could be Gui Sha, Tui Na, Acupuncture (LINK) or a combination of therapies that will restore balance and provide pain relief. 

There is no one size fits all at Gaynor Grozier Acupuncture. As a member of the British Acupuncture Council, bound by its strict code of safe practice and professional conduct you can be assured that your journey to wellbeing is in safe hands.

As well as Acupuncture and assisted therapies Gaynor is positioned to offer lifestyle and diet choices according to Traditional Chinese Medicine principles.

We’re excited to help you on your journey to better health, but don’t just take our word for the benefits you will see and experience with Gaynor Grozier Acupuncture; see some of our testimonials, here (LINK).

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The top five benefits to having Acupuncture for Fertility

From conception to cradle more people are choosing Acupuncture as their preferred treatment option to achieve their dream of becoming parents. It is reported by the British Acupuncture Council that one in seven couples has difficulty in conceiving. 

Identifiable causes of the failure to conceive can include low sperm count, low sperm quality, ovulatory disorders as well as many unexplained causes of infertility. Acupuncture for fertility has so many proven benefits to supporting and nurturing both the male and female reproductive organs; here we review our top five key benefits that have also been demonstrated in Acupuncture research.

  • Increases blood flow to the reproductive organs
  • Mitigates stress and promotes relaxation
  • Regulates ovulation and menstrual cycle
  • Improves sperm health
  • Counteracts the effects of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)

“Acupuncture therapy has so many proven and unproven benefits. It’s a restorative therapy that can bring balance and wellbeing to the human body and ultimately helps the body to improve its reproductive systems. I work with each client individually to identify the course of treatments that will help them on their fertility journey and in most cases result in a pregnancy” – Gaynor Grozier.

To start your journey and improve your chances of conception, please get in touch for a Free private consultation.

We look forward to welcoming you to Gaynor Grozier Acupuncture and to your journey of health of wellbeing.

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