Leg Pain – responds well to acupuncture.

The leg contains a variety of structures and tissue such a bones, joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments and the pain you may be experiencing is inflammation often caused by injury or disease.  Leg Pain can present as sharp or dull in nature, it can be accompanied by numbness, tingling or burning sensation. Whatever the reason or description most people will say that it is unbearable to live with and will seek conventional or alternative treatments in order to improve their health.

An acupuncturist does not require a western medicine diagnosis in order to treat someone who is suffering, therefore it benefits those where diagnosis has not been possible or a condition is unexplained.  Acupuncture treats the whole person, so quite often people report an improvement to their health that wasn’t primary focus, such as improved sleep.

Below a patient reports their experience of receiving acupuncture.

Gaynor made me feel relaxed right from the start, she also explained what was happening during my treatment so I understood clearly how acupuncture will help the severe pains I have had in my ankle and lower part of my leg.  Feeling much better now after 2 treatments.
B. N. Harvey, Hednesford

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