Needle phobia

When you fear your struggles, your struggles consume you, when you face your struggles, you overcome them.

From time to time I receive a phone call from a client who has had acupuncture suggested to them to improve their health or would generally like to try acupuncture but are worried about the needles or have a real needle phobia, this can be a barrier and is often triggered from a traumatic experience during childhood.   I hope to provide some assurances and mitigate any concern that you may have about acupuncture needles and below a patient shares her experience.

The needles used in acupuncture are nothing like the needles used by a doctor, they are not intradermal, imagine this, they are only as big as a small paper clip in size and as thin as a strand of horses hair.

One of the most frequent questions I am asked is “does it hurt”, to this I always reply with a big fat NO, however to say that there is no sensation around the area where the needle is inserted would be untrue, some people describe there being a sensation of warmth around the area of insertion or a tingling sensation or a dull ache but this doesn’t happen every time or at every insertion.

Acupuncture administered by an acupuncturist who has undertaken a degree in Chinese medicine (true acupuncture) and is regulated by governing organisation such as the British Acupuncture Council will not cause you pain during treatment.

My treatment plans are individual and I adapt how I work, it may be appropriate to progress at a slow pace and use just a few needles to start with, I believe that taking one step at a time and continually providing reassurance as the treatment progresses is appropriate.

It’s lovely to see a change in my clients, feeling successful in surmounting an obstacle is one thing, but no one can describe or appreciate the sense of pride and achievement obtained in overcoming a fear, whether it is a fear of flying, spiders or needles.

This change is uplifting it brings a renewed sense of hope that after experiencing an acupuncture treatment an opportunity to reduce the number of migraines, hot flushes, physical pain, achieving a positive pregnancy test or regaining optimal health is just around the corner.

S.T attends my Cannock practice would like to share her experience

After trying for over a year and half for a baby, 3 people suggested acupuncture. I thought it was worth a try except I was extremely nervous of needles and would often pass out if I had to have blood taken by medical staff at the doctors or hospital.  At my first acupuncture session, I was really nervous but Gaynor made me feel so relaxed and comfortable, a few of the needles went in without me even feeling them.  The next day, at the dentist, I had 2 injections in my gum and I didn’t pass out, I believe the acupuncture helped by relaxing me and changing my view on needles.  I have had a few treatments now and I look forward to them as they are very relaxing.  Sometimes it stings but literally for a second or two.  I have had a blood test since starting acupuncture and yes I still got nervous but I didn’t pass out and I believe that the acupuncture is definitely helping, not only with my fertility problem but also with my needle phobia too.
S.T, Cannock

Should the thought of receiving acupuncture still feel daunting to you, all is not lost, I am also qualified to administer acupressure, Korean hand therapy (the use of press pellets instead of needles) or massage to targeted areas to achieve results.

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