Acupuncture can help

Well-being and mental health are some of most important issues plaguing society today. With focus being put on making sure everyone looks after their mental health and seeks help when needed. Mental health problems are medical conditions that affect a person’s feeling, thinking, mood, ability to interact with others and normal daily functioning. With our lives becoming ever more fast paced and complicated mental health issues are increasingly common. Seeking help is the first step on the road to recovery.

Acupuncture can help with this, aiming to address the person as whole. We work with the body to bring balance back to the body without the need for medications and prescription drugs as they come with their own downsides.

Mental Health

Acupuncture can be safely combined with conventional treatments such as medication or psycho-educational therapy

Stress Relief

Acupuncture stimulates the nervous system and cause the release of neurochemical messenger molecules.


An anxiety disorder brings about stronger feelings such as stress, panic and worry, these feelings can be constant or periodic but both are difficult to manage.

Acupuncture v Conventional Treatment Methods

With a stronger emphasis on safely and effectively managing mental health problems, the use of conventional treatment methods has been a cause of concern for some. The use of prescription drugs, such as antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications, can put those who take them at risk of experiencing side effects.

Other conventional treatment methods, such as therapy, are not always effective enough to manage symptoms of these disorders. Alternative forms of medicine, including massage therapy and acupuncture, have been gaining popularity among those who want a more natural treatment method. These types of treatments offer important benefits for those who struggle with mental health problems.

Acupuncture can help

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  • “I wouldn’t normally suffer with anxiety but seemed during my pregnancy, I had excruciating pain in the chest, I thought it was something very serious and was sent to hospital for check-up, I was told it was anxiety, most likely due to me being pregnant,  I had acupuncture and felt instant relief, I continued with my acupuncture treatments throughout my pregnancy to help keep my  hormones balanced and really believe this got me through.”

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